Brenda Hernández
Collaborative creative with four years of experience in design and marketing. Two years of experience leading projects, one while obtaining a Master of Arts. Developed and currently direct a national campaign promoting equal opportunity for migrant students. Eager to support in the direction of projects to contribute to their unique value!
I moved to the Pacific North West in 2012 from Mexico, then lived in the Seattle area until I went to the University of Portland in 2015. I graduated in 2019, with a Major in Marketing and a Minor in Fine Arts and began pursuing a creative career.
I explored being a designer for a marketing agency for a year and a half, but then the *pandemic* happened. So, at 24, I took a leap into taking the next step and moved to London to get my MA at UAL Central Saint Martins in Applied Imagination. 
After and while obtaining my MA, I sought to begin more personal projects while engaging in all sorts of creative side projects.
But actually, just trying to do a little bit of everything I enjoy.
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